...Something happened on the way to the dentist. Before we could head out, we needed to brush our teeth and floss. It had been awhile for the children. The flossing was uneventful until my son decided to use it to lasso one of the fish in the tank. Fortunately, my daughter was there to save the guppy, always the hero.

Once we finished we headed out the door. No sooner had we gotten to the backdoor, when my daughter realized that the dog had not been fed or walked. So first the dog needed to go on a walk. My daughter grabbed his leash and headed out the door. The phone rang and my son picked it up. I was busy packing up the car, so I did not give much thought to the phone call. I had thought since we were heading to the dentist, we might as well stop at Costco after the dentist.

When I walked back inside, my son handed me the phone and it turned out to be Monty Hall and he wanted me to be a contestant on "Lets Make a Deal". At first I was sure this was a joke, but the longer and longer I spoke to Monty, the more real it sounded and as soon as I hung up the phone I was off to my room to find the silliest outfit I could find. I searched deep in the back of my walk-in closet and found roller skates I used to use in the 70's. They still fit and were in great shape.

I proceeded to the door in my roller skates thinking I would take them off before getting to the car. I rolled down the hallwall, open the door then