...One may wonder, what was I doing on a journey to the center of the earth? Typical me, just two hours earlier I had mapquested a new friend's address, Jeannie Slump, a Carmel Valley resident, printed it out, got in my car and tried to faultlessly execute a sojourn to her house. Mapquest said it would take twenty minutes to get to her house from mine, so congratulating myself for being ultra-punctual, I had left my house with ten minutes to spare.
"Always best to err on the side of caution," I said to myself, as I pulled out of the driveway. Cautious as always, I looked over my right shoulder, but not my left. In my blind spot was a little man dressed entirely in what looked like strips of grass, weeds, and roots. I didn't have time to react as he popped open my door, smiled broadly and shouted with enthusiasm, "Thank God, you're here!" I was at a loss for words, but instantly felt that this odd man meant no harm.
He extended his hand to help me out of the car. For whatever reason, I felt safe with him so I accepted his help getting out of my car.
I followed him toward what looked like a lush tropical forest.