Dear Cinderella,
I met you at the ball last night. I noticed that you were dancing with the handsome Prince Charming. If it doesn't work out with the prince, I would like you to give me a chance. My name is Senor Brad Pitt. You may not have heard of me yet but trust me, I am destined to famous! I am not trying to sound overconfident. I am just determined!

While Prince Charming may be a swell guy, I will do my best to prove that you and I will be a better match. I am hard working and don't just rely on my looks and parents' wealth to get a head. As far as I know he has never worked a day in his life. I also know how to handle evil step mothers and sisters. I know people that can easily have them "removed" from our lives. Another bonus to being with me is that I love shoes. I noticed your glass slippers and can promise you a never-ending supply of all the best shoes, Choo, Ferragamo, Prada, Weitzman, you name the shoe, and it's yours. I know of a great maid service, so you'll never have to scrub a toilet ever again. And since I know you love little rodents, I would love to get you an annual zoo pass so we can go whenever you want.

Also, there is the matter of transportation. Who needs a pumpkin, when I have you driven around a Bentley. Leather seats, a driver, and comfort while you are on the road. Your driver will escort you to and from the car. Your step sisters will be green with envy.